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Unleash your divine feminine power and reclaim your voice to transform your life!  

Suzette Louw

Hi, I'm Suzette Louw, the Founder of 

IAM Life Coach

(Certifications - NLP, Mindfulness, Happiness and Habits)

I hold a deep-seated belief that within every individual lies the potential to embrace life to the fullest, to revel in joy and abundance across all facets of their existence.

This profound transformation is attainable through the simple yet powerful acts of tuning in to your inner voice, shedding the constraints of limiting beliefs, and courageously questioning the judgments and influences of society, partners, family, and friends.

My vision is resolute: to empower an ever-expanding community of individuals, guiding them toward a life lived to the brim, drenched in unparalleled abundance.

We are all here to achieve greatness!


This is my Story

I'm Suzette Louw, a dedicated Self-Awareness Coach who specializes in helping individuals reconnect with their authentic selves, find their inner voice, and chart their own unique paths to fulfillment.

As a multi-dimensional single mother of two, originally hailing from South Africa and now residing in the vibrant Caribbean, my personal journey has been a kaleidoscope of colorful experiences that have shaped my career, relationships, and life across different countries and homes.

My own quest for meaning and self-discovery has led me on a transformative journey, teaching me the profound impact of releasing feelings of guilt, shame, people-pleasing, and past traumas.

Embracing every facet of oneself, including the imperfections, is the key to genuine self-love. I've come to understand that when you fully know yourself and align your core values with every aspect of your life, the result is a life that overflows with fulfillment, joy, and abundance in every dimension.

In our sessions, I provide guidance to help you rediscover your values, dreams, and desires, offering valuable insights into the areas of life that hold the utmost importance to you.

By uncovering your passions and purpose, you gain the clarity needed to craft the life of your dreams.

My diverse life experiences uniquely equip me to support you through various challenges, including navigating divorce, single-parenting, surviving toxic relationships, coping with anxiety and stress, managing transitions, and, most importantly, fostering a deep and abiding self-love and self-care.

My ultimate mission is to empower you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and lasting transformation.

Let's explore your potential and begin the remarkable journey of self-awareness and personal growth together.

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Various ways to work with me:

  • Individual coaching sessions (online or in-person in Cura√ßao) - Your¬†options
  • Structured¬†online programs¬†with individual or group sessions - More information
  • Masterclasses where you receive self-paced videos to work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home -¬†More information¬†
  • Communities to fit your needs - More Information
  • Motivational speaking on various topics -¬†Book¬†your call
  • Services¬†and Resources - Explore here
  • ¬†Caribbean Retreats (Cura√ßao) created according to your needs - Lets Talk

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