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About me - Suzette Louw - Women's Self-Awareness Coach and creator of the I AM Transformational Model

Jun 10, 2023

I remember years ago

I found myself as a single mom of two teenagers, having a conversation with my teenage daughter, with her expressing plans to leave home after finishing school. Excited about the prospect of newfound freedom, I shared my five-year plan of hopping on a cruise ship once my kids had moved out. Little did I know that deep down, I secretly and subconsciously carried a fear of being alone, and this fear was triggered.

I think in that moment I had the realization that there was going to be a day when my kids were not going to be around.  When they are going to be living their own lives. 

This realization triggered a series of unhealthy decisions, leading me to a burnt-out and dark place. If you can relate to this, I understand you completely. 



Hi, I'm Suzette, I am your Self-Awareness Coach

and I am here to help incredible women like you unlock your identity, and craft your ideal life. My journey of self-discovery and self-awareness began nearly four years ago when I found myself in the midst of a deep and dark place. Being alone, which had always been my greatest fear, allowed me the opportunity to delve into who I truly am. It was during this process that I unearthed hidden fears, beliefs, and self-doubt that had been holding me back without my awareness.

There was a pivoting moment

But before experiencing this pivotal moment, I was in a toxic relationship that eroded my self-esteem and identity. I am sure many of you can relate with this.  I am however grateful for that relationship because it forced me to realize that something needed to change in my life. I had lost touch with who I was and what I wanted. By asking myself important questions and exploring my beliefs and self-perception, I began to understand why I had entered such a toxic relationship despite the red flags.  my fear of "ending up alone" was one of my driving factors, but sitting behind that fear was a whole lot of gunk that I was not even aware of.

Through reconnecting with my true self, I felt as though I was meeting a new best friend. It was like opening a Pandora's Box, revealing numerous opportunities and lifting a heavy burden off my shoulders. This journey allowed me to give myself permission to be authentic and love myself unconditionally. I discovered freedom, peace, contentment, and the confidence to prioritize myself and step into my power.


I learned many lessons

Throughout this transformative process, I became an avid learner, delving into topics like Neuro Linguistic Programming, mindfulness, happiness, habit change, and various tools and practices for self-improvement and living a limitless life. These lessons have enriched my understanding of the mind and subconscious, providing valuable insights that I incorporate into my coaching practice.

What can you expect from me?

As your Self-Awareness Coach, I specialize in guiding incredible women like you through personal development, building self-esteem, overcoming traumas, and navigating relationships. With a background as a single mother and multi-dimensional corporate professional, I understand the challenges women face in various aspects of life. My compassionate and non-judgmental approach creates a safe space for you to explore your experiences and struggles while receiving unwavering support.

 Together we will make your dreams a reality.

How can I help you?

To cater to different learning preferences and budgets, I offer several options for working together. My signature program is based on the IAM Transformational Model, which is a three-step process based on my own journey. It grants you Permission to Change!, Permission to Grow!, and Permission to Thrive! within 12 weeks or less. This model is available through coaching programs, self-paced online masterclasses, and workbooks for independent learners. Additionally, group programs and customizable individual coaching sessions are available.



If you're feeling lost, have faced adversities, or simply need guidance, I encourage you to reach out and take the first step towards your transformation. No matter your current circumstances, there is always hope. 

Believe in yourself, seek support, and never give up.

Much love, Suzette



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